8 Myths About Dental Implants That Put Patients On-Edge

8 Myths About Dental Implants That Put Patients On-Edge

Many people avoid going to the dentists. Though they are not necessarily scared, they think that there’s nothing wrong with their dental health. Ignoring dental health can lead to decay, infections, and loss of tooth. Dental implant is an option for replacing lost tooth, but there are many myths about them.

Here’s a Look at Some of Them:

1: Dental Implants are Too Expensive

It’s true that dental implants have a higher initial cost as compared to other procedures but they last longer than other options. Dental bridges are also popular but they last only for 7 to 15 years which means you may need to spend money few times for the rest of your life for replacing them, says Carlsbad dentist.

2: The Procedure is Really Painful

According to Dentist in 92011, dental implants can be uncomfortable but most people can get through the treatment with help of local anaesthetics without feeling much pain.

3: Dental Implants Look Fake

It’s one of the best tooth replacement options as people can’t even make out unless you tell them that you have implants.

4: The Recovery Time is Too Long

If you have lived with a flawed smile for years, the recovery period of 2-6 months is not bad as you will enjoy a lifetime of great smile.

5: Caring for Implants is Difficult

You can easily brush and floss as you used to before the implants and you don’t have to worry about the decay and cavities.

6: Very Few People Need Dental Implants

Everyone who has one or more lost teeth is a right candidate for the implants, says Dentist near Carlsbad CA. A quarter of Americans above the age of 70 are missing all their teeth.

7: Dental Implants are Unsafe

Implants have been used for more than 40 years and have a success rate of 95% which indicates that procedure is safe.

8: Anyone Can Get Dental Implants

While it is one of the safest procedures, you need strong bone tissue for dental implants without which you may have to look for other options.

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